One of the world's Top ten white water expeditions. The river rises near SHISHA PANGMA in Tibet and run eastwards draining the highest mountain of the world it emerges on to the northern plains of India where it joins the Ganges . The whitewater of Sunkoshi is Biblical which is huge and even expedition size rafts disappear into the vastness of crashing waves and rolling, boiling water. There are no roads or towns, just the occasional picturesque village and friendly shouts of "Namaste"from the bank -this is unspoilt, rural Nepal at its best. All along the river are beautiful large white sandy beaches for camping, and the lower section of the river heavily forested with troops of monkeys and exotic birds.

About the Rainbow adventure.
Rainbow adventure has been known as one of the best white water specialists with over a decade of experience, running trips in all of Nepal 's permitted rivers with 100 Percent safety record. .

We basically follow the suggestions allocated by the lonely planet guide book providing you with high quality equipment such as a self bailing raft, American Cup life jackets, white water helmets, Carlisle paddles, advance rescue Kayaks, 100 percent water proof barrels, dry bags, first aid kit, two person tent, dry jacket, sleeping bags, mattress, and professional raft guide (well trained on emergency medical technical & River safety)

We are always conscious of serving hygienic yummy meals, sterilized drinking water on the trips. Our chefs are Knowledgeable in Nepalese and international cuisines. The vegetables are iodine treated. We provide tin packed and fresh food.

The Guide
All our guides are skilled outdoorsmen, superb chefs and great companions. Our guides are trained at international standards and have spent several years rowing for leading raft companies.

Details Itinerary

Day 01: Morning 7. 30 we drive to the put-in point at Dholalghat or Nepal Tar. Through out drive, we have wonderful view of the ancient city of Bhaktapur and magnificent view of the Himalayan ranges. Upon arrival at Dholalghat or Nepal tar, we unload the gear- lunch will be served and our expedition leader will give a full safety briefing, then we hit the first major rapid "MEAT-GRINDER"class 4-it's a fairly straight run down the center, avoiding holes left and right. A few meters below here the Tama Koshi River joins in the Sunkoshi from the left. Few km below the confluence of the Likhu Khola is a short, class 3 rapid "pre- Anxiety" and this is followed by along class 4 rapid "High Anxiety with a large hole on the left halfway down and a series at the bottom. Float a while and camp at Khurkot.

Day 02:On this day our expedition we will start with several classes 4+ and 5 rapids, so we should prepare the hardest and most interesting one, Harkapur 2 and 3, which should be carefully scouted, which is top ten rapid of the world. Camp at Harkapur.

Day 03: Some km below Harkpur, Dudhkoshi River joins in the Sunkoshi from the left. Below here, the river valley widens into an arid area of the gravel and rocks. You meet exciting rapid followed by "Jaws"-quite a long rapid with a large on the bottom right that forms a huge hole at certain levels camp at Jaws.

Day 04 &5: On this day, you will be encountered with most of great 4+ rapids you are straight into good exciting rapid "rhino Rock "which is a grade 4+ followed by "Jungle Corridor" a kilometers of continuous white water on the both side of river, at the end of rapids a series of water fall cascades in from both bank and this is great place for a wash, massage and recuperation

Day 06 & 07 & 8: Last few days are mainly wave trains .If you are interested "try to upset the raft and rescue with the help of the rope, you can try Kayaking, swimming." Our expedition leader will teach you basic skills, which are needed to maneuver the boat or learn Eskimo roll. The last day of our expedition, which brings you, the last major rapid class 4+ "Big Dipper"is a series of huge standing waves, an exciting climax. A few km. later and mighty Arun river enters from a gorge on the left, almost immediately after wards, the Tamor River also adds its water and combined river becomes the Sapta Koshi (Seven river). Then you float along on the powerful current and then, rounding a corner, a new suspension bridge swoops high over the river and the hill dramatically gives way to totally flat terai and the northern plains of India , this is the end of classic and memorable river journey. We will finish our trip at Chatara; pack the gear and then drive back to Kathmandu, Royal Chitwan National Park or Pokhara.

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