Kathmandu Valley is virtually an open air museum of magnificent Hindu and Buddhist art and architecture. What makes this vibrant, if congested, old Asian city so fascinating is that it is a museum in full use today. No matter kathmandu valley temple's structures was built centuries ago for a religious community, it may be part of a active elementary school now, with soccer play, where monks or priests once danced and chanted. There are fifteenth century shrines and temples literally to the left and right as one walks, among crowds, in the busy markets at kathmandu valley religious and historical palces. Hindu men, women, and children are often seen making their morning pujas (prayer offerings of food and flowers) in front of magnificent small and large stone deity images, some are ancient. Buddhists, with prayer wheels circling in their hands, are also observed making their daily Kora (walking meditations) around gleaming white stupas found in many parts of this religious city. Narrow, brick-paved curving alleys remind us of the vestiges of Medieval times among twentieth-century buildings. Hindu culture focuses upon the celebration of many festivals; each featuring dances, costumes, lights and decorations, often with bright marigolds strung in chains. Many celebratory activities are street parades, very accessible to visitors. There are colorful festivals to enjoy most months of the year.

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